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Essays and Visual Art Contest:

As we witness on a daily basis through social and other forms of media, the youth of today have so much to share and express. They are filled with wisdom and hope, yearning to be heard, understood, and appreciated. Thus, the annual essays and visual art painting contest is being conducted in the schools in Metro Manila to encourage young people to write and paint their thoughts about peace that would serve the objective of the contest as the youth’s expressions of a just and peaceful world.

The winning entries of the essays are compiled and printed as reference material for peace education. The winning entries of the painting contests are exhibited in other schools and communities that brings to a project called, “Peace Gallery” to showcase the paintings of students and talk about the voices of the young people through arts and public engagement through a three day or week-long peace education with the host schools or communities.

May we invite you to journey with the youth in living a life of dignity.  

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