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Voter's Education Program



Media have played a very important role in politics. Whether it is on the news and digital media. Based on the COMELEC data, the youth, Millennials (25-34 years old) and Gen Z (18-24 years old) constitute more than half of registered voters in the year 2019 (53.2%). According to Mr. James Jimenez, spokesperson of Commission on Elections (COMELEC), the youth voters tend to focus on the pressing issues of the country, instead of looking too much on the noise of the elections. (Campaign, Excitement & Personalities)

With that being said, Education makes a great impact on one's political preferences, but theirs cannot be just any kind of education. It must be the ones that provide and empower them to speak for the truth. We would like to help the youth to become socially and politically aware. This project also aims to have knowledge about the  electoral system, how their vote affects the election and how their votes vary.

Vote For Peace is a special project by the Angel C. Palanca Peace Program Foundation Inc., that aims to: 1.) Educate the Youth in the Electoral Process. 2.) Encourage the youth to register and vote for the upcoming elections. 3. ) Empower the youth for a better society.



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