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Peace To All Youth Organization

Peace T.A.Y.O  (Peace To All Youth Organization) was founded and organized in 2008 by students of Far Eastern University to serve as the youth arm of the Angel C. Palanca Peace Program. When the program became a Foundation in 2014, Peace T.A.Y.O. for its parts began to encourage students from partner schools to establish their own Peace T.A.Y.O.

Today, the movement has 600 youth volunteers across partner schools/communities that are called upon to do community service and  be peace advocates.

Peace T.A.Y.O. aims to provide support to its volunteers to empower them to address issues and become involved in efforts geared towards peace building, recognize and assert human rights, promote good governance and conflict resolution.

Peace T.A.Y.O. aims to create YOUTH driven platforms from which community volunteerism can take shape. Peace T.A.Y.O. promotes the emergence of community volunteerism as a way to overcome barriers for the youth who seek to discover and help their communities.

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